My name is Inge Visser, I am a freelancer in the Film and Television industry of South Africa. Since I stumbled into the wrong lecture room in 2004, I have been unable to find any other job/industry as fascinating and satisfying as this one. I started working in 2007 and fell in love with Wildlife Documentaries but soon realised you have to be adaptable to survive here and the last few years I found myself working for and learning from the best commercial producers in the Country. Read more below.

  • Bob and Harry

    Commercial (TVC)Various (Seasonal European Commercials)Assistant Producer  & ResearchHelena & Nadia2020
    360 ProjectAudi/Cobalt AI-UX 360 ProjectLine ProducerHelena Wechter2019
    Commercial (TVC)Various (Seasonal European Commercials)Assistant Producer  & ResearchHelena & Nadia2019
    Commercial (TVC)Various (Seasonal European Commercials)Assistant Producer & ResearchHelena & Nadia2018
    Commercial (TVC)HanseMerkur (Germany)
    “Feet Up”
    Production managerNadia Boshoff2018
    Commercial (TVC)Tom Tailor ( Germany)
    “Say Yes”
    Production ManagerNadia Boshoff2018

  • Triosphere

    Reality TV SeriesThe Bachelor (UK)Production Manager (Recce Only)Oloff Bergh2018

  • Giant Films

    Commercial (TVC)Sanlam 200 yearsProduction CoordinatorCindy Rondkin2018
    Commercial (TVC)KFC – Keep RollingJNR Production ManagerLaura Sampson2018
    Commercial (TVC)Rape Crisis (PSA)Production ManagerLaura Sampson2018
    Commercial (TVC)Club Pilsner (Uganda) CPT basedJNR Production ManagerBoris Vossgater2018
    Commercial (TVC)HuggiesProduction CoordinatorAmina Thornton2018

  • Supertech Yachts

    Website construction, General admin, stocktaking and bookkeeping for a yacht building business. www.supertechyachts.com

  • Navigator Films

    Commercial (TVC)Research, Prepping SeasonalResearch/ Producers Assistant / Jobs PrepTina, Meike, Nadia, Sharon2017-2018
    Commercial (TVC)KaergardenProduction CoordinatorMayra Garcia / Juli Lotter2017
    Commercial (TVC)TchiboProduction CoordinatorTalita Theron / Helena Wechter2017
    Commercial (TVC)Dial for WomenProduction CoordinatorKitty Stolk / Keren Kilcoyne2017
  • Groundglass Films

    Commercials & TV SeriesProperty 24, Kaleidoscope, Seeing Sound Series, Various Treatments and ProposalsResearch & Social Media ManagerDebra Stubbs / Janette de Villiers/Meike Varga2016

  • Big Kahuna Films

    Image Research for Dubai Font Director’s Treatment | Anastasia Sokolova

  • i.e Pictures

    Youtube Video SeriesIné Reynierse author of “Low carb is Lekker” | Bread videoProducer, Camera, Editing etc.Own Business
  • Happy Psoas

    Website Development, Online shop creation, business registration, general admin and creation of own business, importing production for manufacture, distribution and sales abroad. http://www.happypsoas.com

  • Sonneblom Films

    Documentary SeriesProminent South African Figure NDABudgetingKatinka Heyns2018
  • Catalyst Casting

    Feature FilmThe Odyssey (French)Casting Director’s AssistantMito Skellern2015
    TV SeriesClan of The Cave Bear (USA)Casting Director’s AssistantMito Skellern2015
    Feature FilmHoney 3 (USA)Casting Director’s AssistantMito Skellern2015
  • Juice Films

    Commercial (TVC)COOP Extra (Norwegian)Production CoordinatorSantie de Bruyn/Catherine De La Harpe2015
  • Navigator Films

    Commercial (TVC)State Lottery & Kings Day (Dutch)Production CoordinatorJacqui Beek2015
    Commercial (TVC)Various TV Commercials (European)Seasonal ResearcherTina Talbot2015
    Commercial (TVC)Dance For Life (Dutch)Production CoordinatorKaren Claren2015  
  • Penguin Films

    Made for TV Movie – Mzanzi MagicIngoma (Xhosa)Production ManagerRoberta Durandt2014
  • Sonneblom Films

    TV Series for KykNET/SABC‘n Lewe Met 5 (Local)Research & DevelopmentKatinka Heyns2014
  • The Bomb Shelter

    TV Series SABCThink Big (South African)ContinuityCatherine Muller2014
  • Navigator Films

    Commercial (TVC)Samsung S4 (Swiss)Production CoordinatorCalvin Hayward2014
    Commercial (TVC)Various TV Commercials (European)Seasonal ResearcherKaren Claren2014
  • Endemol

    Reality TV Series PromoFear Factor Promo (India)Production CoordinatorShireen Hatting2014
  • Riaan Manser Adventures

    Documentary Pilot, 1 EpisodeRiaan Manser  –TMTNY
    Around Africa on my Bicycle
  • Sonneblom Films

    TV Series, 13 Episodes‘n Lewe Met 4 (Afrikaans)Production CoordinatorKatinka Heyns2013
  • Fisheye Studios

    Corporate Videos, Wedding VideoResolve Marine (USA)Producer & Camera & EditingOwn Business2013
    Corporate VideoLaramon Tours Promotional VideoProducer & Camera & EditingOwn Business2013
    Event PhotographyNational Assembly EventStills PhotographerCarlien Venter2013
  • Namib Films

    Feature FilmMaryan (Indian)Cast CoordinatorGuy Knockles, Gwen Swart2012
  • Riaan Manser Adventures

    TV DocumentaryRiaan ManserContent Development for TMTNYRiaan Manser2012
  • Richred Productions

    CorporateMicheal & Susan DELL FoundationCamera OperatorRichard Kruger2011
    CorporateJ&B PartyCamera OperatorRichard Kruger2011
  • Trailer Park & Moonlighting

    Feature Film BTS/ EPK Making of…Safe House 2nd Camera & Go Pro SpecialistBrett Levisohn
  • Take 2 Films

    TrainingGear HouseGear House assistantPierre Du Preez2010
  • Triosphere

    Reality TV Series 
    German TV RTL, 8 Episodes
    Der Bachelor, Germany S3Production CoordinatorOloff Bergh2009
    TV Series for RTL Germany 5  EpisodesTiere machen die lustigsten Sachen S2Production CoordinatorOloff Bergh2009
    Documentary TV Series Pilot Animal Planet, 1 EpisodeThe Trapper and the AmazonPost Production CoordinatorOloff Bergh2009
    Documentary 1 Hour Special for Super Sport, Film Festivals, Off The Fence Distributors, Discovery ChannelMadagascar MaverickPost Production CoordinatorOloff Bergh2009  
    Documentary TV Series  Animal Planet, 23 EpisodesEscape to Chimp Eden, Season 2Location CoordinatorWillem van Heerden (DOP)  2008
    Documentary TV Series Animal Planet, 6 EpisodesInto the PrideLocation CoordinatorRichard Slater-Jones2008
    Documentary TV Series Animal Planet, 15 EpisodesEscape To Chimp Eden, Season 1Footage Librarian, Post Production AssistantOloff Bergh  2007
    Discovery Channel, 1 Hour SpecialMeerkat Manor The Science ofFootage Librarian, Post Production AssistantBrea Bergh  2007
    Discovery Channel, 1 Hour SpecialThe Making of Meerkat ManorFootage Librarian, Post Production AssistantBrea Bergh  2007
  • JanMish LDA

    2005 – 2007: Tourism Project in Mozambique, not film related.

  • Undercurrent Films

    2005 : Post Production Assistant: Sea-point Days Documentary by award winning Director Francois Verster.

  • City Varsity

    Qualification: Advanced Diploma in Directing Documentary by Francois Verster – 2005 City Varsity